Leonids travel report - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Leonīds Krasikovs's travel report

My name is Leonids, but my friends call me Leo. I am 23 years old and I come from Latvia. I am staying in this school for 6 months. Life in the school is sometimes hard , but rewarding. If you want to have a grate international experience this place is for you.

Craig Jimenez's Travel Report - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Craig Jimenez's travel report

The Yun Tai Shaolin martial arts school was a great experience. I was able to learn the art of Tai Chi and Chinese culture. This included Chinese school, praying to Buddha, attending trainings, traveling to the city of Jiaozuo and hiking at the Yuntaishan National Park.

Reisebericht von Raphael Boulet - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Raphael's travel report

I’m French, I practiced wushu, but I wanted to increase my level, so I am going on the Yuntai Shan’s school; it was fantastic holiday (the training are very interesting and sometime difficult but it’s funny :) ), very interesting, I discovered a new culture; the Shifu are very nice and there have a good level.

Reisebericht von Kevin - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Kevin's travel report

My name is Kevin, I’m 24 years old. I’m from Germany and I study in Berlin. Here I trained Kung Fu for over 2,5 Years. But my dream was always to go to China, to practice Kung Fu at it roots. I searched for a while in the internet and I came to the conclusion that the Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial arts School is the best choice for me in matter of money and training and school conditions.

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