Master Xie Dong teaching a foreign group of students

Learn kung fu from our skilled shoalin masters in China

Our masters are some of the best in China. They are authentic kung fu masters having honed their skills over their lifetimes and are authorized by the Shaolin Temple

Our masters practice chinese martial arts since childhood and are authorized coaches from the famous Shaolin Temple in Henan. They are some of the best in China and are authentic GongFu experts having honed their skills over their lifetimes. They all speak chinese and english and have a large experience of teaching international students from around the world. Guided by our headmaster Mr. Shi Yan Lin, Shaolin Monk of the 32nd Generation, our shifus make each student reach their goals.


Headmaster Shi Yanlin practicing traditional Kungfu training

Shi Yan Lin, by the local name of Xie Xu Yong, was born in Zou Cheng city, Shandong province. At his 23 years old, he is one of the first class kungfu master from shaolin with his rich teaching experience on foreigners.

The three-section staff, pudao, imitated form are his specialities and he also knows a lot of other kungfu skills. At the age of 8 his uncle, who was practising kungfu too, took him to shaolin temple to learn shaolin kungfu. After physical practise and mentally developement, he entered Songshan shao lin si kungfu school for futher education on science and kungfu theory. "Hard training and endurance are the way to learn real kungfu".

Master-Trainer Shi Yanlin training Hard Qi Gong with a spear

During his studies he got very known in the shaolin area, due to his own efforts of learning English and self developing, including his gentle manners. Since 1996 he is teaching kungfu under control of his master and since then he began to make friends with many foreign students. After his visit to European countries he is planning to extend the teaching of foreign students for traditional culture exchange.

Three years of researches on kungfu theory and Buddhism gave him a chance to preserve his future. His friends from all around of the world contact him through letters and emails. Regardless of the big distances he is spreading the shaolin kungfu culture to the world, because deep in his heart, zen and wu are the real resources of his energy and he has devoted himself to the construction of chinese kungfu.


Master Shi Häng Jin training Shaolin Sword (Dao)

  • 2010 - Today: Honorary trainer of Belgium, the Netherlands Shaolin Bond;
  • 2010: Teaching Kung Fu and Chin Na at the Belgian Royal Military Academy;
  • 2006 - 2007: Private lessons teaching Kung Fu and Chin Na to Snoop Dogg;
  • 2003 - today: Teaching Kung Fu at Kung Fu Schools in The United Arab Emirates and Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, Luxemburg);
  • 2001 - today: Attained the status of Shaolin Monk, 34th generation Shaolin Kung Fu: Shi Heng Jin;
  • 1997 - today: Training Shaolin Kung Fu;

Shaolin traditional forms: Shaolin Tiger, Shaolin Sword, Iron Chi Kung.


Master Yuan Yale doing some high jumps - well done

Master Yale Yuan was born in Ruzhou City of Henan Province. He began training kung fu in 1999 at Shaolin Temple.In 2001, Master Yale Yuan transferred to Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School and graduated in 2002. From 2003 to 2005, he participated in numerous competitions and performances as a member of the Shaolin Si Wuseng Performance Team. Specializing in pudao, dao, zui gun, and zimuyue, he took part in notable events such as "henan TV wuling feng", "dongfang shanshow" and "shaolin wushu zhixiang dasai".

Master Yale Yuan became a shifu in 2005 and first took on foreign students in 2006. His students have placed in major competitions such as "Second World Shaolin traditional Competition" and "Third world Shaolin traditional Competition" in Zhengzhou. They have also gone on to open their own schools in their home countries and to compete and perform internationally.

Master Yale Yuan has traveled throughout Europe both to perform and teach. His extensive experiences have given him a distinct teaching philosophy which he hopes to impart to his students.Especially his excelent english allows him to communicate very well with the students ,make sure the context of the exercises is well understood.

The focus of kung fu training is not only learning, but also teaching. Master Yale Yuan hopes that his students both enjoy kung fu and go on to share it with others. For many people, training can become a part of their life; it helps people improve themselves and change their perspective. Wherefore, the most important aspect is for everyone to understand kung fu as more than just a sport, but as an entire culture.


Master Shi Yanbo doing Mantis Fist near the Yuntai Waterfalls

Master Shi Yanbo was born in Zoucheng City of Shandong Province. He began training kung fu in 1998 at Shaolin Temple. He graduated in 2002 and continued training there for another year. In 2002, Master Shi Yanbo also acted in the movie "meng duan tianguo".

Master Shi Yanbo became a shifu in 2004 and first taught at Shaolin Si Quanfa Xueyuan, specializing in traditional forms and weapons. He has been recognized as one of the best coaches in Dengfeng City and Henan Province. Additionally, his excellent teaching has earned him several awards.
Master Shi Yanbo has also travelled abroad to perform, teach and accompany his students. His efforts have garnered high praise and positive reviews. visiting Shaolin Temple and its attendant culture as his motivation, Mater Shi Yanbo seeks to extend the appreciation and understanding of kung fu throughout the world.


Kung Fu Split-Jump by Master Dong Xie

Born in Shandong Province Zoucheng, China;
1998-2010 Training Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple Henan Province;
2007-2009 Training Tai Chi;
2nd Place in China Tai Chi Competition;
2009-Today Teaching Tai Chi at Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School in 2010;


Perfect Wushu position by Master Wang Yuan Fang

Born in Henan Xinxiang Yuanyang China;
Training professional Kung Fu since 2002, specializes at toad work, several scorpion boxing, nine-section, whip, 3 section nunchuck, shaolin traditional repertoire;
1st Place in 2009 competition, "Zhengzhou Boxing Championship 2009";
1st Place - "International Shaolin WuShuJie Traditional Instruments Championship" 2010;


Master Fan Kui weiss wo es beim Tai Chi lang geht - Taiji in Perfektion

"My name is Fan Kui, a young fellow. I was born in October, 1986, in Ximei village, Chengguan Town, Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, being the descendant of the Chen’s Taiji Boxing. Now, I’m the nation-level director of Wushu; the first grade boxing coach of Henan Province; the deputy director of Xiuwu Taiji Institute; the main coach of Zhulaohu Gongfu Yuan in Wenxian; and the coach of Body-Building Club in Xinxiang. 
I began to learn Wushu from my father at the age of seven. Greatly interested in Wushu, I was sent to Chenjiagou to learn Taiji Boxing from the masters. In 1997, I became a student of the master Chen Mengsong , the 11th generation of the Chen Family. In 2002, I became a student of the master Zhu Laohu, the 10th generation of Chen’s Boxing, whose Taiji Boxing skill originates from the Taiji master Wang Yan.
At the beginning, I knew little about the Boxing theory. My father , who likes Taiji very much and has a deep foundation in Boxing, taught me to learn Taiji Boxing in a special way. My father has much association with Taiji masters of Chenjiagou and has learned much about the spirit of Taiji Boxing from them, especially the master Zhu Laohu. Then, he taught me the skill. I am greatly grateful to my father for his teaching.
With the help of my father and under the careful guidance of my teachers, I practise Taiji Boxing extremely hard all the year round. During the past ten years, I have learned the first old style, the sencond old style, the 56-form competing style, and the Gongfu style, and also Single Sword, Double Sword, Single Broad-sword, Double Broad-sword, Long Spear, Spring &Autumn Broad-sword and so on, especially good at Taiji Tunshou and Taiji Sanshou.
In 2007, with the permission of my respected teacher, I practise Taiji Boxing at the institute run by the master Wang Xi-an. I gained great progress by practicing with the coaches of my age. With the guidance of Master Wang Xi-an, I won the competitionship in 80kg grade in the competition of Taiji Tunshou in Hongkong. In the same year, I took part in the selective competition of Taiji Boxing, “Wulin Dahui” held by CCTV in Ma anshan. Through the fiece competitions I was elected one of the sixteen strongest Taiji boxers in China.

My Hope: Going to University , being a film star.
My Intention: Becoming a qualified Taiji coach, teaching people Taiji Boxing from home and abroad."


  • Year 2002: won the sixth in 56-form in the first national Taiji competition in Jiaozuo.
  • Year 2004: won the fifth in 75kg-level competition of Taiji Tunshou in Ma an-shan, Anhui Province.
  • Year 2004: won the gold medal in traditional style in the national competition held by Anhui Province.
  • Year 2005: won the third in the 70kg level in Taiji Tunshou in Chenjiagou.
  • Year 2006: won the gold medal in traditional style and the third in 75kg level in Henan Province.
  • Year 2007: won the championship in 80kg of Taiji Tunshou in Hongkong.
  • Year 2008:Elected one of the sixteen conteststants in Chen’s Taiji Boxing competition “Wulin Dahui” held by CCTV.



Master Xu Jie while training on a punching-bag at the Yuntai Shan area

2002---2004 I started Sanda training at Shaolin Kungfu School in Xuchang City
2004---2006 To improve my sanda skills I went to Xuchang City Sports School to have a professional and high quality training , I also joined many different “Wushu Guanxiao Bei” sanda competitions in different cities and provinces in China and received Several rewards during the competitions.
2006---2008 Went to one of the most famous Sanda Training Base named “Beijing Aoyu Sanda Club” located in Beijing .During the whole training I joined several high rated competitions as a champion in weight class 65KG of the “Shanxi Province Sanda Competition” in May 2007. October 2007 I also became champion in weight class 70KG of “The International Sanda competition” in Hebei Province.
In 2008 I received 2nd prize from “Wushu Guanxiao Jiaoliu Sai” in Zhengzhou and joined many competitions where I received a lot of good rewards in the same year.
September 2009 I received an invitation letter from “Shanxi Sports University” to study and train over there until June 2013.
In June I graduated.
I started to teach in “Yuntai Shan International Culture and Martial Arts School” in August 2013.
I relearned my English to obtain my communication with the students, especially foreign students.
It made me to teach better and better.

Master Xu Jie beim Sanshou Training

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