The new canteen offers plenty of space, so that our students can take their meals together.

Food and nutrition of the Yuntai Kung Fu School in China

We provide 3 meals a day for all students, these meals are included in monthly price.


Food & Meals

Common mealtime promotes cultural exchange and communication among the students.

All students eat together in our restaurant. Our full room and board service includes 3 warm meals a day. This goes throughout seven days a week. Breakfast consists of traditional buns, chinese oatmeal, etc. Lunch and dinner both consist of rice with a big range of vegetables added, as well as fish and meat sometimes. Vegetarians will be catered for as well, so don't worry.

We are always striving to offer our students an adequate food, which is of course essential for the daily training. We are always happy to try something new, so if you have a suggestion for a dish you would like to eat you can just let us know (or teach us how to cook it) and we do our best to provide it!

Vegetarian food

We sometimes receive inquiries whether we offer vegetarian meals. YES…Of course we do :-). Vegetarian are very welcome and we will try to serve you as best as possible, as we do with any other student.

Note: There's always the option to buy additional stuff as fruits in the school's little shop or the next town.

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