Reisebericht von Hong Xian - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Hong Xian

Some thoughts on training at the Saholon school. I think what’s most difficult, especially for long term students, is maintaining the enthusiasm you came with. It’s all too easy to succumb to the rigor and fatigue of the thrice-daily training, wondering what came over you as you made the bold decision to train at a Shaolin school. For me, I won’t deny that it’s the dream of being really good in Kungfu (far better than the mediocre people who claming that they know how to fight by brandishing a piece of metal in the shape of a sword) that led me here.

Reisebericht von Stephen Anderson - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Stephen Anderson

Training authentic Kung Fu in China. It’s an awesome prospect. It sounds like an impossible fantasy, but it is very real. It is also very attainable. Considering what is included in the marginal fee, the price is very reasonable.
As I write this, I have been at the school for slightly over a month. In that month, I have come to appreciate the school’s greatest asset, the Shifus, or instructors. Each teacher is of the highest caliber, not only in martial skill but in character as well. Each Shifu has expertise in forms, armed and unarmed, Qin na, Sanda, acrobatics, and the various and sundry other aspects of Chinese Kung Fu. While they expect your undivided attention and a serious mind during training, they are very friendly and trustworthy people.

Reisebericht von François Chaumont - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von François Chaumont

François Chaumont originaire de Belgique. Développeur en informatique de métier, j'ai toujours pensé qu'il me fallait entreprendre quelque chose par moi-même. Également, depuis tout petit, j'ai cette conviction en moi de partir vivre à l'étranger et quitter la Belgique pour de bon. En 2009, au terme d'un voyage touristique en Chine, j'avais trouvé là un endroit où je pouvais me sentir bien et aux opportunités multiples.
Il me fallait en premier lieu apprendre la langue car, bien que mon niveau d'anglais était très correct, cela ne suffit pas pour communiquer en Chine.

Reisebericht von Axel Dreville - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Axel Dreville

DREVILLE Axel, 24 ans, originaire de France. Au départ l’idée m’est venue de de lier mes deux passions : Voyages et Arts Martiaux, et mon intérêt pour la Chine m’a poussé à rechercher des écoles dans ce pays. Mais je dois avouer que c’est un peu par hasard que je me suis orienté sur le Shaolin KungFu.

Julia's Reisebericht

Julia's Reisebericht

I stayed in this kung fu school for one month and my stay here was at first really hard due to the training that i wasn’t used to, but after a while i got used to it and started to really enjoy it.

Reisebericht von Chureerat und Alexander - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Chureerat und Alexander

My husband was a half year before with our youngest . Alexander was 9 years old to train here at Yuntai Mountain International school for three months and after a half year break I was the one chosen to go with him for training.

Reisebericht von Katia Petrova - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Katia Petrova

5:40 – the beginning of morning training. It's really-REALLY hard to start the vital activity of some gentle bodies, who not accustomed to meet sunrise every day. Oh, my God! First week you need just to survive/ whole body pains and single question is: how to escape; where go to sleep?! ...>>  

Reisebericht von Nathan Kitchen - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Nathan Kitchen

I decided to train in China after seeing a website and deciding it olooked like an interesting opportunity not available in my own country. So I saved some cash and checked out various schools. I chose this school as it was recommended, the curriculum seemed OK and the English language teaching and precence of other English speakers would make my transition into full time training a little easier.

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