Reisebericht von Raphael Boulet

Erfahre wie Andre das Training in der Yuntai Mountain Schule gefallen hat


Reisebericht von Andre Richter - Shaolin Yuntai Kung Fu Schule

I was here for 120 days learning KungFu with Sanwe shifu. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things. I also met a lot of really nice people here, students from China as well as the other international students and all the teachers and school stuff were really great. ALL of the Shifu are very competent and especially Samwe is super nice.

Training hall and dining hall were both sufficient, but I wished there was a greater variety of food in the meals, also more protein. Sometimes, when I had to get out of bed, or it was really cold, I hated being here, but I never regretted it.

This is a good place and training here is a good experience. Maybe do less meetings on Saturday and more free time on Sunday. :)

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