Reisebericht von Raphael Boulet - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Raphael Boulet

I’m French, I practiced wushu, but I wanted to increase my level, so I am going on the Yuntai Shan’s school; it was fantastic holiday (the training are very interesting and sometime difficult but it’s funny :) ), very interesting, I discovered a new culture; the Shifu are very nice and there have a good level.

Reisebericht von Nathan Kitchen - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Nathan Kitchen

I decided to train in China after seeing a website and deciding it olooked like an interesting opportunity not available in my own country. So I saved some cash and checked out various schools. I chose this school as it was recommended, the curriculum seemed OK and the English language teaching and precence of other English speakers would make my transition into full time training a little easier.

Reisebericht von Kevin - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Kevin

My name is Kevin, I’m 24 years old. I’m from Germany and I study in Berlin. Here I trained Kung Fu for over 2,5 Years. But my dream was always to go to China, to practice Kung Fu at it roots. I searched for a while in the internet and I came to the conclusion that the Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial arts School is the best choice for me in matter of money and training and school conditions.

Reisebericht von Khasman Khan (Jian) - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Khasman Khan

I never had real experience in Chinese Kung Fu before. But this trip is truly worth it. I have learnt and see a lot in this one month time. And I have to say this place is truly 'A home for martial arts lovers'! Get started: Before you go, you need to know what you are looking for and what you want. Here are the 3 forms you can pick in order to learn during your stay.
Shaolin Kung Fu: If you wish to learn some kung fu moves with and without weapons. Yet prepared for tough training and stretching, this is exactly what you are looking for!

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