Reisebericht von Kevin - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Kevin

My name is Kevin, I’m 24 years old. I’m from Germany and I study in Berlin. Here I trained Kung Fu for over 2,5 Years. But my dream was always to go to China, to practice Kung Fu at it roots. I searched for a while in the internet and I came to the conclusion that the Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial arts School is the best choice for me in matter of money and training and school conditions.

Reisebericht von Bruno Broothaerts - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Bruno Broothaerts

ik heet bruno broothaerts en ik woon in belgië te dendermonde. 7 maanden heb ik in deze school getraind en heb hier een enorme intense en prachtige ervaring aan overgehouden.

Reisebericht von Raphael Boulet - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Raphael Boulet

I’m French, I practiced wushu, but I wanted to increase my level, so I am going on the Yuntai Shan’s school; it was fantastic holiday (the training are very interesting and sometime difficult but it’s funny :) ), very interesting, I discovered a new culture; the Shifu are very nice and there have a good level.

Reisebericht von Sensei Manikandan - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Sensei Manikandan

I am from India. I practiced Karate for 14yrs and i like to learn some kungfu in china so i arrived to yuntai in 2012. I got a very good training in yuntai for a month and it was unforgettable month in yuntai with all sifus and friends. I love Chinese culture and discipline of Yuntai shan martialart school. I like to come back to yuntai when it is possible.

Reisebericht von Jonas Foglszinge - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Jonas Foglszinger

Mein Name ist Jonas Foglszinger und ich bin 19 Jahre alt. Dass ich nach China gehen und Kung Fu trainieren würde, war für mich schon seit längerem klar. Die letzten zwei Jahre meiner Schulzeit verbrachte ich also auch damit mir eine passende Schule herauszusuchen. Als beste Anlaufstelle dafür empfand ich, wie die meisten anderen auch, das Internet. Nachdem ich mir mehrere Schulen bzw. ihre Webseiten angesehen hatte, entschied ich mich für die Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial arts School.

Reisebericht von Stephen Anderson - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Stephen Anderson

Training authentic Kung Fu in China. It’s an awesome prospect. It sounds like an impossible fantasy, but it is very real. It is also very attainable. Considering what is included in the marginal fee, the price is very reasonable.
As I write this, I have been at the school for slightly over a month. In that month, I have come to appreciate the school’s greatest asset, the Shifus, or instructors. Each teacher is of the highest caliber, not only in martial skill but in character as well. Each Shifu has expertise in forms, armed and unarmed, Qin na, Sanda, acrobatics, and the various and sundry other aspects of Chinese Kung Fu. While they expect your undivided attention and a serious mind during training, they are very friendly and trustworthy people.

Reisebericht von Jochen - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Jochen

The first that you havenimpressions or feeling you get when you arrive at the kungfu school isnt even thought exactly what awaits you.
Well the first days go rather slowly as you have to get used to everything it doesnt mather alot if you came prepared for this kind of training or not as at the begining it will seem that you just cant do any of the stuff other people do.

Julia's Reisebericht

Julia's Reisebericht

I stayed in this kung fu school for one month and my stay here was at first really hard due to the training that i wasn’t used to, but after a while i got used to it and started to really enjoy it.

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