Reisebericht von Khasman Khan (Jian) - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Khasman Khan

I never had real experience in Chinese Kung Fu before. But this trip is truly worth it. I have learnt and see a lot in this one month time. And I have to say this place is truly 'A home for martial arts lovers'! Get started: Before you go, you need to know what you are looking for and what you want. Here are the 3 forms you can pick in order to learn during your stay.
Shaolin Kung Fu: If you wish to learn some kung fu moves with and without weapons. Yet prepared for tough training and stretching, this is exactly what you are looking for!

Reisebericht von Axel Dreville - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Axel Dreville

DREVILLE Axel, 24 ans, originaire de France. Au départ l’idée m’est venue de de lier mes deux passions : Voyages et Arts Martiaux, et mon intérêt pour la Chine m’a poussé à rechercher des écoles dans ce pays. Mais je dois avouer que c’est un peu par hasard que je me suis orienté sur le Shaolin KungFu.

Reisebericht von Erol - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Erol

Bonjour, je m’appelle Erol’ Je suis le premier francais a m’etre engage au Shaolin Training Centre pour une duree de deux mois. J’ai ete tres bien accueilli par Shi Yanlin, ces trios assistants et tous les stagiaires deja presents sur les lieux.
L’ecole a tres bonne reputation et beneficie de conditions de vie tres acceptables par rapport a celles que l’on peu trouver en Chine (chambers de deux personnes avec sale de bain et possibilite de prendre des douches chaudes) et la vetustee des lieux ne choquera que les personnes habituees a vivres dans de la soie…

Reisebericht von Chureerat und Alexander - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Chureerat und Alexander

My husband was a half year before with our youngest . Alexander was 9 years old to train here at Yuntai Mountain International school for three months and after a half year break I was the one chosen to go with him for training.

Reisebericht von Jonas Foglszinge - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Jonas Foglszinger

Mein Name ist Jonas Foglszinger und ich bin 19 Jahre alt. Dass ich nach China gehen und Kung Fu trainieren würde, war für mich schon seit längerem klar. Die letzten zwei Jahre meiner Schulzeit verbrachte ich also auch damit mir eine passende Schule herauszusuchen. Als beste Anlaufstelle dafür empfand ich, wie die meisten anderen auch, das Internet. Nachdem ich mir mehrere Schulen bzw. ihre Webseiten angesehen hatte, entschied ich mich für die Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial arts School.

Reisebericht von Marek - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Marek

When my father purposed me to go to china I thought it was just a big dream that would never come true. My sister was here in the same school 5 years ago and she always told me how great it was but I never thought that I would also be going. I am 15 years old so I just finished my middle school so my parents thought it would be a good moment to take a break and have a new experience. Like one month before leaving my sister talked with me about the school. She made sure I knew that the school is not a hotel so I didn’t expect any kind of luxury. Since childhood I have had a good adaptability to very different situations so it wasn’t very hard for me to adapt to the school. I have been practicing kung fu in the USA for two years.

Reisebericht von Kevin - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Kevin

My name is Kevin, I’m 24 years old. I’m from Germany and I study in Berlin. Here I trained Kung Fu for over 2,5 Years. But my dream was always to go to China, to practice Kung Fu at it roots. I searched for a while in the internet and I came to the conclusion that the Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial arts School is the best choice for me in matter of money and training and school conditions.

Reisebericht von Katia Petrova - Songshan Shaolin Yuntai

Reisebericht von Katia Petrova

5:40 – the beginning of morning training. It's really-REALLY hard to start the vital activity of some gentle bodies, who not accustomed to meet sunrise every day. Oh, my God! First week you need just to survive/ whole body pains and single question is: how to escape; where go to sleep?! ...>>  

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